Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chicken on the Fairway

That’s twice now that I’ve failed to get to Clint. This time was even more frustrating because several times I could literally have touched him. Once his ball bounced out of the fairway so I ran over and stood next to his ball. Couldn’t get my camera out as the marshals would have pounced. (It was officially a no photography event), and when Clint came over and stood right there I couldn’t talk to him or slip him a Pistoleras card because, well it’s golf isn’t it? You can’t talk!

Once I was next to his wife and thought of speed-pitching her and passing our card along but I chickened out. Later as Clint made his big course exit, he was in a pod of six armed officers and did his usual no autographs thing. So that was that. Now I knew going into it that this was not the best way to get to a celeb when you have a project. If you get to them they look at you as a fan and are not inclined to listen through business ears. I know, I know. But I’m still totally disappointed in my complete lack of balls. Not in a Freudian sense either. So I guess what to take away from this is I have to throw caution to the wind and get over being intimidated by celebs.

In a random, baby steps side note I did get to someone…but did I ask him if he wanted to contribute to the soundtrack? Noooooooooo. Not that his music is a fit but it would have been fun to have a meeting, right?

Dang. Please tell me if you see poultry feathers on me again.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I cancelled a trip to see my dad in Palm Springs this weekend in hopes of getting to Clint Eastwood when I heard he'd be speaking at a Golden Globes foreign language films event here in Hollywood.

Lis and I busted ass to get our new Pistoleras business cards made and I printed out a film synopsis and mission statement just in case I got a chance to tell him what we're up to. OK I brought a script too...just in case.

See, I don't expect him to become involed or back us or anything. I just want him to know about us. Since for me the film is so inspired by his role as Blondie in Leone's trilogy, it's like I want his blessing. Kind of in a dad way, I want him to be proud of us.

I got myself to the 3rd row. It was such a trip to hear him speak from like 15 feet away. Here was the icon I've seen all my life. Right. Here. My stomach turned flips as I tried to prepare for whatever small opportunity for a handshake might present itself.

Raised my hand during the Q and A but wasn't called on. Got myself on the aisle for the walk-by, but they walked him down the other aisle. Ran to the parking lot only to see his limo door shut and him drive away. Cue forlorn western music as our heroine drags ass to her car with a purse weighing five tons with the script and everything in it.

My dad called to say Clint's playing in a golf tournament out in the Springs next weekend so guess where I'll be? Rad, I'm officially a stalker.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Champagne Pitch

Welcome to the year of the Pistoleras!

I'm in NYC for the holidays and it's been interesting. Less jaded Hollywood attitude. In fact, the movie biz seems like a novelty here. Me Likey. It so happens that mom lives in the Ground Zero area so there are lots of financial types about. Every night we've been out and have meet friends who either have money or know someone who does. I've been pitching Pistoleras right and left and gotten good reactions. No one seems phased by the 10k unit price either. How much of these positive meets will translate into dollars remains to be seen but it's a good start. At the least it's good practice for me.

Last night I was told that a multi-millionaire who "is bored and looking for something fun to invest in" was going to be at the local bar. Naturally he didn't show up well into our second bottle of champagne but I got him on the dance floor and managed to pitch him Pistoleras. We talked several more times over the evening and he had some good follow-up questions which I choose to interpret as interest in the project. So we've learned that I can deliver a solid, animated, engaging pitch even fueled by bubbly! I guess that's where the Irish heritage comes in handy.

So, out of business cards and bracelets, I'm heading home tomorrow to get back to real life, polish the business plan and send it out to all these new, maybe money connections.

The funniest part of the evening was his girlfriend getting mad at me for getting his contact info. She accused me of trying to steal her man.

"It's just business, sweetie, seriously." And it was. And that's also the best part. I had a blast the whole time so this business is pleasure.