Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Girls Kick Ass!

In preparation for their roles as our four heroines, our lead actresses have been taking the IMPACT basics self defense course that inspired the training sequence of this movie. IMPACT teaches full-force self defense techniques against fully-padded assailants so that the body trains in an adrenalized it would be in a real assault situation.

Lis and I took the class last fall and I've gone on to take more advanced courses and become a training assistant in their program. That's how important I think this is for women.

Sunday, Lis and I watched proudly as three of our four leads had their graduation which consisted of three fights each. I felt my body twiching with each kick they landed, each hit thrown, like I wanted to help power their strikes. And I was moved to tears watching these tiny girls beat the crap out of a big padded man. The universality of that fear of attack by a man never leaves us. I think it's hardwired into women. Our girls and all the fighters that day were a total inspiration.

While you're waiting for the film's release, how 'bout getting yourself into an IMPACT class and get that confidence that comes from knowing, no matter what, you can defend your life.


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