Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chicken on the Fairway

That’s twice now that I’ve failed to get to Clint. This time was even more frustrating because several times I could literally have touched him. Once his ball bounced out of the fairway so I ran over and stood next to his ball. Couldn’t get my camera out as the marshals would have pounced. (It was officially a no photography event), and when Clint came over and stood right there I couldn’t talk to him or slip him a Pistoleras card because, well it’s golf isn’t it? You can’t talk!

Once I was next to his wife and thought of speed-pitching her and passing our card along but I chickened out. Later as Clint made his big course exit, he was in a pod of six armed officers and did his usual no autographs thing. So that was that. Now I knew going into it that this was not the best way to get to a celeb when you have a project. If you get to them they look at you as a fan and are not inclined to listen through business ears. I know, I know. But I’m still totally disappointed in my complete lack of balls. Not in a Freudian sense either. So I guess what to take away from this is I have to throw caution to the wind and get over being intimidated by celebs.

In a random, baby steps side note I did get to someone…but did I ask him if he wanted to contribute to the soundtrack? Noooooooooo. Not that his music is a fit but it would have been fun to have a meeting, right?

Dang. Please tell me if you see poultry feathers on me again.


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