Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Leading Man

I've been totally sitting on recounting our lunch with our fabulous leading man. Can we say his name yet? I better check with the lawyer. But suffice it to say, he seriously rocks. A Emmy winner, he was
  • on time, first good sign
  • passionate about the film to the point of talking about helping us fund-raise
  • articulate about his character/script notes
  • genuinely touched by the gift we brought him
  • totally cute (!)
  • and he bought us lunch (!!)

I know that's not the way it usually works in this town but I am tempted to say "If all our producer meeting are like this, I've picked a great life!" Soooo I'll say it anyway. I love this job!

Better than this, he'll nail the part of our lead baddie. I know it. He IS that second mouse.

Signing off for two weeks in NYC with mom with thoughts of a grueling but kick-ass desert shoot in our future. Bring it, Universe, we're ready!


Blogger Dave said...

Gosh, I really must meet this person you speak so highly of. Cute you say, huh?

12:23 AM  

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