Saturday, November 11, 2006


I'm totally curious to see "This Film Is Not Yet Rated." As we are on the verge of making a film which will eventually get a rating I figure it's good to know what we're gonna have to deal with.

We got some potentially controversial stuff going on afterall. Aside from the radical notion of women standing up for themselves of course! I recently pitched the project to a corporate entity that shares our goal of teaching girls that their lives are worth fighting for. It would mean a lot to us to have them involved.

"It's got some racy, some raunchy parts that...might scare off certain investor types," I fudged. "I mean, it's a Spaghetti Western after all and those were pretty gratuitous and violent, you know." The good news is the company head was totally into it. But the fact remains, certain types like, say the MPAA, might not be so much.

So here's my thought. If we in fact get something pushed as far as NC-17 and then have to wrestle with the MPAA and revise our cut to get an R...thats a good thing. Right? I'm thinking potential PR. No publicity is bad publicity and all that. Am I off?

All stuff we're thinking about as we get ready to story board and visualize scenes.


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