Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Marshalling Forces

It has been a long crazy ride so far and we've only just begun! I feel like this whole thing will be a crash course in film making and I know we are up for it.

I think the most inspiring thing is that everyone we talk to gets excited and wants to be involved. Yesterday's production meeting yielded a potential Line Producer who seems like a great fit. Granted it's a guy and we are really pulling for majority female crew. But he would be willing to wear a skirt so that counts for something. He's a perfect example of someone who comes into the sphere of me and Liz not knowing much about the project and leaves offering services and enthusiasm. We have got to start using this magic power around rich people!

Psyched for the No Budget Film School this weekend. With that and the final script next week, we will seriously be ready to roll on this puppy.

Just this morning on NPR, a report from the Rome film fest said that Scorsese has pledged to restore and save one classic Italian film per year. This year's choice: Leoni's Once Upon a Time in the West. As far as I'm concerned, a shout-out to the enduring allure of the Spaghetti Western. We're next, Marty!


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