Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Beauty Bites Beast

So part of our overall plan has been to get in contact with people with similar goals as ours - people trying to reach similar demographics and make a difference. One of those people at the top of the list for us has been Ellen Snortland, women's advocate and author of the amazing Beauty Bites Beast.

In her work to bring self defense to all women and get the message across that their lives are worth defending, Ellen was a major inspiration for us. Imagine my thrill when I worked an intro through a friend yesterday. I piggy backed off that and wrote Ellen an email explaining what Pistoleras is about and the difference we want to make with young women everywhere.

Not only is Ellen psyched about the project and wanting to talk further. She's recently produced a documentary about training a group of factory worker women outside Tijuana who were being repeatedly raped and sometimes killed. These women have now been trained to defend themselves and have changed their lives! I'm thinking: kick-ass (literally!) DVD extra and what a great person to have in the Pistoleras corner!

Keep it up, Universe.


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