Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Riding the Wave

I spent Thanksgiving week in Mexico, as one does. The days were filled with the usual mix of beach sleeping, trashy book reading, tequilla over-indulging and scoping out the new tourist knick knacks this year has to offer.

As the steady stream of beach vendors slid past our lunch table one day I mentally checked off the crap that's sucked me in over the years: Mexican blanket, check, fish-shaped mobile, check, loads of cheap silver, check, festive sarong, check, festive basket, check, traditional painting on bark paper, check, mexican wrestler mask...wha?!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the newest item of note available to American tourists is a genuine mexican wrestler mask. I actually squalked when I saw them. The vendor heard me and sauntered over.

"Nacho Libre?" He offered.

Nacho Libre? As if! Pistoleras, mi vato! I restrained myself from buying all our costume needs right then and there but it's good to know we've tapped into something in the public mind. Once again, the Universe says we're on the right track!

Oddly, moments later, we saw a big powerboat in the harbor with the name TENACIOUS in gold on its transom. Was Jack Black here too? He might have some good wrester hook-ups for us.


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