Sunday, January 14, 2007


I cancelled a trip to see my dad in Palm Springs this weekend in hopes of getting to Clint Eastwood when I heard he'd be speaking at a Golden Globes foreign language films event here in Hollywood.

Lis and I busted ass to get our new Pistoleras business cards made and I printed out a film synopsis and mission statement just in case I got a chance to tell him what we're up to. OK I brought a script too...just in case.

See, I don't expect him to become involed or back us or anything. I just want him to know about us. Since for me the film is so inspired by his role as Blondie in Leone's trilogy, it's like I want his blessing. Kind of in a dad way, I want him to be proud of us.

I got myself to the 3rd row. It was such a trip to hear him speak from like 15 feet away. Here was the icon I've seen all my life. Right. Here. My stomach turned flips as I tried to prepare for whatever small opportunity for a handshake might present itself.

Raised my hand during the Q and A but wasn't called on. Got myself on the aisle for the walk-by, but they walked him down the other aisle. Ran to the parking lot only to see his limo door shut and him drive away. Cue forlorn western music as our heroine drags ass to her car with a purse weighing five tons with the script and everything in it.

My dad called to say Clint's playing in a golf tournament out in the Springs next weekend so guess where I'll be? Rad, I'm officially a stalker.


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