Monday, March 26, 2007

The House Band

One of my favorite things about this town is how connections begat connections. Lis and I took the IMPACT self defense course (featured in Pistoleras!) and met Erin, a newly published author. I went to her book launch party and met her friend Lynda Kay. Lynda Kay turns out to be half of a rocking band described as the White Stripes of country: the Lonesome Spurs.

Something about their sound just felt right. Lis and I went to see them perform this weekend and were totally inspired. Instead of using one of their songs in the soundtrack as I'd discussed with Lynda Kay, we're now rewriting a huge sequence to include them as the house band thus featuring way more of their music. They will add such flair to the whole thing, we're stoked.

If that weren't enough, Lynda Kay's bandmate Danny happens to live near one of our preferred locations in the desert and has a ranch. We're headed out to scout it as a possible location next week. The kismet of the movies!

With that, we're rolling in full pre-production getting ready to start shooting by the end of April. Insanity here we come.


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