Friday, May 18, 2007

Mutant Swingers From Mars

From my friend Bill Cunningham at

Thank you all for taking a look at the link and please spread the word about Christopher Sharpe's cool little flick that's winning the hearts and minds of pulp moviegoers across the globe. I am proud to represent this movie (distributed worldwide by Anthem Pictures) as well as the upcoming scifi-horror-comedy MUTANT SWINGER FROM MARS featuring Jack White (of The White Stripes in his first movie role).

MUTANT SWINGER FROM MARS is writer-director Mike Kallio's love letter to Ed Wood, swing music and cinema cheese. You can watch the trailer on YouTube .

All rights to MSFM are currently available.


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Wait, wait. What happened to Heidiwood? Please tell me you're too different people. I've really had enough with Internet friends who turned out to be completely insane, but they were mostly AOL dates.

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