Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Xmas Pistoleras

Spent xmas out in rural New Hampshire with my uncle's family. Talk about light years from LA. It was refreshing. My two little cousins are in middle and elementary school. Gave them both a red Pistoleras bracelet and taught them "Ready Stance" and how to shout "NO!" if a stranger hassles them.

Brings it all home that this is why we are doing this. What would it be like for them to grow up knowing they could defend themselves and they had a sense of self worth?

I say that's worth fighting for.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Leading Man

I've been totally sitting on recounting our lunch with our fabulous leading man. Can we say his name yet? I better check with the lawyer. But suffice it to say, he seriously rocks. A Emmy winner, he was
  • on time, first good sign
  • passionate about the film to the point of talking about helping us fund-raise
  • articulate about his character/script notes
  • genuinely touched by the gift we brought him
  • totally cute (!)
  • and he bought us lunch (!!)

I know that's not the way it usually works in this town but I am tempted to say "If all our producer meeting are like this, I've picked a great life!" Soooo I'll say it anyway. I love this job!

Better than this, he'll nail the part of our lead baddie. I know it. He IS that second mouse.

Signing off for two weeks in NYC with mom with thoughts of a grueling but kick-ass desert shoot in our future. Bring it, Universe, we're ready!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How cool is this?

"This is not another teen movie. PISTOLERAS delivers a knockout female empowerment message--its heroines make Charlie's Angels look like the Girl Scouts."
--Erin Torneo, co-author, The Bridal Wave