Monday, February 26, 2007


The reading was a smashing success. What a great group of actors we have here. I love working with actors and seeing what they bring to a role and how they interpret something in a way that's new to me. Also, it's a much needed gut check to hear people's enthusiasm. We sometimes get caught in the "but it didn't win anything in that contest" mindset. Then I remember how doubtful it is that, say, Resevoir Dogs ever won anything. The key is to keep to the vision and believe when no one else does. The best part about Pistoleras is that people do believe. Everyone who gets involved with the project is passionate about it.

Chatted with our fabu lawyer last night and she says our investor memorandum is all legal so a few more polishes and our that'll be good to go to. Then we'll be that much closer to bringing this passion to the movie-going masses.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Reading is Good for You!

The second ever staged reading of the Pistoleras script is tomorrow. Should be very cool. We've got the actors attached so far as well as some we're considering for various parts. Lis has made some great changes to the script - the ol punch up. Very much looking forward to seeing it live.

Also check our myspace page for the sweet new and improved theme song! Thanks, Jenn and Steve!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Wheels are Grinding

After a long, getting-duck-in-row period, it feels like things are finally starting to move again. We got a near-finished version of the business plan out to our lawyer friend. I also sent one to a pro-bono counsellor from SCORE whose specialty is indie film. When we get sign off from them, we'll finally be able to move ahead with the fund-raising push and get this puppy in production.

I spent the weekend breaking down the script into a scheduling program so we'll be able to get a realistic idea of how much time we'll need for each location, from each actor, etc. I enjoy all the detail management stuff. Our intention is for this to springboard us into our film careers. Never thought AD would be the path I'd take but I could see digging it.