Monday, August 21, 2006


The reading went great.

We ended up having nine people, which was perfect because I only had time to make seven copies at Kinko's ($55 ! Bend me over why doncha...). So two of us shared scripts, and actually the parts were divied up pretty well. We have a large cast for an indie film, but it worked out fine.

Got some good feedback, and I'm scheduled to finish the next pass at the script this week. And it should be the last pass before things get changed during shooting out of necessity.

I finished my first draft of the Pistoleras website and think it looks hot. Great collateral.

Charles Yoakum finished his first pass at the character sketches for the graphic novel and they are bad-ass. Very exciting.

Heidi found us a great villain hat for tomorrow's promo shoot (a teen girl's leg crushing a cowboy hat). Can't wait for that. Hopefully it will turn out to be an image we can brand the film with. We're using "The Hiketeia" image as a jumping off point, so it's going to have to be somewhat cool looking.

Sharri says she has a stunt leg for us. Will be intersting to see which model/actress is willing to work a few hours for free with us in Runyon Canyon. And then afterwards we're having another production meeting. So far things are getting done on schedule.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Eff Me

I haven't showered, eaten, taken my morning pills, made 15 script copies, or vacuumed, and I have anywhere from nine to fifteen people showing up in less than an hour.


Table Read

Having an informal table read tomorrow with fellow Pistoleras producers and some of our brightest film friends. The idea is to get some last feedback on the shooting script before Sharri works up the budgets and we incorporate and start fundraising.

Of course it's 1 am and

my house still isn't clean
last changes aren't made to the script
after that's done have to email script to 2 1/2 cent photocopier for readings but
don't know how many copies to get because according to the "Maybe" list on the Evite, we're going to have anywhere from six to fourteen people at my round table that seats eight and...
Sharri, Anna and I are all still up at 1 am emailing each other stuff about digital classes to take and testing out our new yahoogroups account
Clearly it's time to sleep.

Do indie film producers ever sleep?